Here are some great DIY projects I’ve invented, and copied, and out right stole!  I love projects!  I am a believer in DIY projects not only because they are fun to do and save money (most of the time) but also because they are a fantastic way to recycle!  Most DIY projects consist of finding new an useful ways to reuse your (or someone else’s) old and useless crap.  This page will feature some of my favorite DIY projects for beauty, home, and just plain fun.  Click on the image to get how you can make or order these great items.

Happy Crafting!

DIY refrigerator  magnets, super cute and super easy

Amazing self watering planters, fantastic for herbs

Homemade Scrabble Tile Coasters 

As a Scrabble geek I love these, and it’s a great alternative to throwing out the whole game if you loose a few bits!